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At ADORE, CONSTRUCTION and BUILDING is our specialty. We have a Qualified and Experienced Team from all sectors of building and construction. We take pride in our ingenuity in solving the problem and creating an Environment that motivates and inspire us.

We deal with the construction of all types of pavement i.e. Rigid pavement and flexible pavement. Not only roads, but we also enrich ourselves to give a quality construction in Irrigation and Drainage work too. With Expertise, we have extended our service in the construction of pipe culverts & the reinforced concrete culvert.


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We offer the best services needed for all category of commercial spaces with our professional team; Promising enhanced services in Infrastructure Management.

We deal with all kind of Commercial Construction Project like

  • Accommodation (Hotels, Dormitories)
  • Institutional Building (High Schools, University)
  • Industrial Structures (Factories, Warehouse)
  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Medical Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants

We believe, home is where the heart is, so we undertake several Residential projects to deliver the right quality of service our clients deserve.

The company is passionately involved in crafting your homes with World-class Architecture and Built, with the help of our In-house experts & professionals.

We have in-house licensed Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, MEP Contractors; Ready to deliver your home needs under one roof. Our expertise in infrastructure networking systems and services assures our guaranteed approach to safety and quality.


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We are highly proficient in Modeling and Design tolls like ETABS, SAFE, REVIT and AutoCAD. Having experience in Precast building construction of residential, commercial, office, educational, cultural, recreational, Hospitality and Healthcare facilities, ADORE Construction is all set to take upcoming precast building structural design challenge.

We have a structural design consultancy for:

  • Resident
  • Commercial
  • Industry
  • Institutional
  • Structural Audit
  • Proof Checking


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Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) are the outputs of the planning and design phase of a project. DPR is a very detailed and elaborate plan for a project indicating the overall program, different roles, and responsibilities, activities, and resources required for the project.

With the motive of Creating an Eco-system of work in the construction field, we have a well Trained and Experienced team dealing with the creation of a final detailed appraisal report on the project and creating a blueprint for its execution & eventual operation.

While preparing DPRs our team can provide you every detail of the basic program, the roles & responsibilities, all the activities to be carried out & the resources required, and all possible risks with a recommended measures to counter them.

    DPR is a formal document that provides each and every details, that a project holds.
  1. Contains all the information related to the project
  2. Background and the experience of the project promoters
  3. Details of land, buildings, etc.
  4. Details of infrastructure facilities (power, water supply, transport facilities, etc.)
  5. Labour requirement and availability
  6. Schedule of implementation of the project
  7. Project cost

We serve in preparing "A DETAILED PROJECT REPORT (DPRs)" of various Construction projects related to Irrigation, Industrial development, Highway development, Residential Complexes, Commercial Buildings, Drainage system, Small bridges etc.


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With a mission of providing everything related to Commercial and Residential building construction under one roof, we also extend our service in the field of Interior Designing. We have a qualified team of Architect, Civil engineers, Interior Designer working closely, which comes up with excellent solutions to your imagination.

From concept to design, we transform the idea and the requirements of our client into Contemporary design and execute it appropriately. With our workmanship, We will be turning for dream house into a reality.


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Planning is the work that is done by a professional to execute the thought they have created. Construction planning is the process which is mostly carried out by the Construction manager from creating a project to the completion of the project.

We execute our planning in the following manner:

  • Designing a Construction project

    At first, we check the feasibility of the project & what's going to get the job done. For this, we create a PROJECT INITIATION DOCUMENT and describe requirements for people, resources, and budget.

  • Drafting an initial plan

    Now, we turn our PID into a more concrete and detailed plan following a smart & clear process.

  • Finalizing and executing the plan

    After finalizing our plan, we finalize the document and call for a meeting, where we inform our members about the objective, the plan, schedule & budget then start assigning responsibilities. To get on the same page, we also allow our members to share their opinion and ask questions.

  • Tracking performance

    As planning doesn't end at the pre-construction phase, the plan may change depending on unexpected circumstances. Therefore, we always track our team's performance. To do so, we set some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the performance of our crew.

  • Closing and Re-evaluating our projects

    We re-evaluate our completed project to see whether we have achieved the goals or not. As we set a clear project plan from the beginning, the re-evaluation of the project doesn't become difficult for us.

At ADORE, we have a team of qualified Engineers who are capable of creating the best plan as per requirement.


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Estimation is a process of getting the approximate idea of the project we are going to deal with. It provides the idea of the infrastructure, material, and the cost of the work to be executed.

So we Estimate:

  1. The approximate analysis of the work
  2. Critical cost that a project will acquire
  3. The approximate of a material to be required
  4. The risk and the problems that an ongoing project can face as per the environment and the locality


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The property valuation is an assessment of your property`s value, based on the location, condition & multiple other factors. Your valuation will be carried out in person by a professional surveyor who will take notes and photographs and then will send you a valuation report.

You could see this when you price your property to put it on the market and can use while taking loan from Bank.

We have a team of surveyors, who will carry out your valuation, as they will consider elements like the storage, age, size, wear & tear, and room layout in approximating an appropriate figure.

They will also look at similar properties in the area & consider what market is like.


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Skilled manpower plays a very important role in the success of every construction project and stand tall in the advent of sophistication and technology in building construction project delivery.

Skilled manpower is considered to be one of the critical factors of production in construction project. Thus, We at ADORE are now focused in producing a group of skilled manpower that can produce a quality work in construction field.

By realizing the shortage of skilled manpower in the construction field, we provide manpower like skilled worker, skilled foremen, skilled supervisor, skilled electrician, skilled sub engineer etc.

Not only this but we will be working hard in finding all possibilities of how to uplift the current situations of skilled and un-skilled manpower who fails to meet their basic need.


We build, you adore